What Is the Most Addicting Drug?

drug addict

We often talk about drug usage, and the dangers associated with the different kinds of drugs millions of people in America are taking. One of the biggest dangers of recreational drug usage is addiction.

If you’re not careful, addiction can quickly take over your life and make you into a totally different person. However, which drug has the highest danger of addiction? Unfortunately, different people become addicted to different drugs easier than others.

Today Holy Cross Services will be talking about which drugs have the highest addiction factors, as well as what makes these drugs so addicting in the first place.



Methamphetamine is a stimulant drug that is very intense and long-lasting. The effects of methamphetamine can create a powerful euphoric high that increases focus and excitability. This ‘feel good’ effect is often what dives people down the deep hole of addiction. In fact, there are over 500,000 abusers of methamphetamine in America right now.



We’ve talked about opioids quite a bit in our blogs. However, this is for good reason – opioids are destroying thousands of people’s lives every day. Opioids are addicting, dangerous and unfortunately, easy to obtain.

Many people start out using opioids for pain management. For example, often times patients will be prescribed opioids after a surgery. Eventually, it’s time to stop using these medications – but not everyone does. Unfortunately, many people still feel the need to use opioids even after their prescription ended. This is how addiction starts. Eventually, they may turn to harder street opiates once they can’t obtain their prescription pills anymore. The harder the drug – the more addicting it becomes. Unfortunately, the withdrawal symptoms of opioid addiction can even become deadly.


Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous. Alcohol is the perfect example of this. In America, alcohol is the most widely used drug of choice. Millions of Americans take part in alcohol consumption every year.

Unfortunately, alcohol can quickly go from fun recreational drug to a full-blown addiction. When this happens, your body becomes dependant on the drug. Withdrawal symptoms aren’t just painful – they can be dangerous. Alcoholism isn’t always something you can see – many American’s are suffering from alcohol addiction while still functioning in their daily lives.


Drug abuse is affecting millions of Americans. Unfortunately, it’s hard to combat as many users are slaves to their addiction. However, with education we can help prevent more addictions from occurring.