Is A Bad Marriage Worse Than Divorce For Children?

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Unfortunately, in today’s society divorce is becoming more and more common. Gone are the days where the ‘normal’ American family consisted of parents who were still together. In fact, 40% – 50% of American marriages now end in divorce. This may seem like a depressing statistic – however, what are the alternatives?

Today we will be discussing which is worse: divorce or staying in a bad marriage. Both are hard on children, but is there one that’s better than the other? Obviously, in a perfect world, parents would stay together happily, but in reality, this isn’t the case. However, both divorce and unhappy marriages have effects on children.


Divorce Gets Better

There is no doubt that divorce is very hard on a child. In a sense, their whole world is falling apart before their eyes. Their parents, who they rely on, are splitting apart. It’s a very confusing time in a child’s life – however, it does get better.

With time, life will go back to normal for the child. Soon, the thought of their parents being together will be nothing but a distant memory. They say time heals all wounds – and often times that saying is true.


 Bad Marriages Stay With The Child

Unlike divorce, time cannot simply heal a bad marriage. That’s because it is an ongoing problem that often times doesn’t get solved. An err of negativity always floats around the home as children can easily sense this unhappiness.

An unhappy marriage can take a mental toll on children. Think about it – from an early age, this is what their image of love is. It can cause issues later in life when forming social relationships.


Divorce vs. Bad Marriage

At the end of the day, the main question is which is better: divorce, or stay in an unhappy marriage. There is really no right answer to this as each situation is unique. The most important thing is doing what feels right.

However, it’s important that the child stays as the first priority. They must be kept in mind and remember that a parent’s job is to do what’s best for them. Whichever choice is made – remember to keep the child away from all toxicity that they may otherwise be subjected to.


Divorce is always a tough subject. Even though it’s becoming more and more common in America, every situation is still unique. However, many times it’s better for a marriage to end in divorce rather than staying in an unhappy relationship. Here at Holy Cross, we always put family first. Our counseling services can help.

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