How To Boost A Child’s Interest In School

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It’s that time of year again! It is the beginning of the school year which means it’s time for our Michigan children to once again start getting up bright and early and grow their knowledge! While this time of year is exciting for many parents, a lot of children are probably pretty miserable right now.

We all remember the days. As a kid, September was a sort of post-summer depression period. Gone are the days of pool parties and fun with your friends all day, only to be replaced by the miserable perceived prison of a classroom. However, there are ways that a child’s interest in education can be increased. Today, Holy Cross will be giving you tips on boosting your child’s interest in school!


Boost Their Confidence

While it may seem as though children just aren’t interested in learning, this can often be attributed to a lack of confidence in the child. Think back to when you were a kid. When you became frustrated, what did you often times do? You became angry and disliked the thing that was making you frustrated.

If a child is having a hard time learning certain subjects, making friends or getting along with teachers, this can lead to a decreased confidence level. Decreased confidence will make them less interested in education – so boost their confidence! Ask them if they need help or advice, and make them feel good about themselves. By doing so, you can boost your child’s interest in school!


Make Learning Relevant

Knowing the things your child is interested in can be utilized to make them interested in a subject that they are not so interested in. If your child is interested in football but hates math, disguise a math question as a football question. For example, “If I was at the 20-yard-line and threw a 40-yard pass, what yard-line am I at now?”

The reason why kids are often uninterested in a subject is because they don’t understand the relevance to their world. By associating a subject they are uninterested in to a subject they are interested in, it’s making that subject relevant. This can increase the child’s interest in school.


Make Learning Fun

Kids have a perception of school. Much like adults with jobs, it feels like something they HAVE to do, rather than something they’d WANT to do. This is because subjects can often feel monotonous and boring – which doesn’t mesh well with children’s already high energy levels.

We have to make learning a fun experience again in order to reignite children’s curiosity. By making school a fun experience rather than a chore, they will actually want to go to school. Let children be creative in their learning experience – not every child learns the same way. We have a lot of smart kids here in Michigan – we just have to get them to want to learn!


There are many ways to boost a child’s interest in school. Boosting their confidence, making learning relevant to them and making education fun again are all ways that can make education something a child wants to achieve. By doing so, we can boost the knowledge of America’s future generations!

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